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Silhouette† 2-Stroke Hire Kart.

At Silhouette Karts we run 2-Stroke Racing Karts as our standard Kart.† The 2-Stroke engines we run offer many advantages over the 4-Strokes of our competitors including more power and revs and a higher top speed.

All our Karts are designed & manufactured in-house by the experienced team at Silhouette Karts.† Extensive on-track testing was done during development of our latest model to ensure a Kart which is more balanced during cornering and delivers a driving experience which we believe is unrivalled in the industry.

The engines are built & blueprinted to race specifications to get the most performance possible while still being reliable and with no governorís they scream to around 12,000 RPM.

The Karts are maintained to a very high standard at all times by experienced Kart mechanics so that they are not only fast, but they handle well.† They use a heavy duty hydraulic brake system to safely slow them from high speeds and a centrifugal clutch to stop the engine from stalling to avoid any loss of time.




















Silhouette Tandem Hire Kart (2 - Seater)

Our Tandem Kart is designed to give children too young to drive on their own the chance to experience the thrill of Go-Karting.

The Kart has seating for one driver over the age of 18 years old & one passenger from 5 years old upwards. Powered by a 7 Hp 4-Stroke engine to provide some thrills but also fitted with the same heavy duty hydraulic brake system as our 2-Stroke Karts to ensure the safety of both driver & passenger.


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