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Silhouette Karts offers the opportunity for owners of Sprint Racing Karts to use our facility 6 days a week.† With your own undercover pit area, in & out grids and an extensive range of spare parts available from our shop, why would you want to go anywhere else?

There is usually an experienced Kart mechanic on hand to help with any technical issues you may have, or if you need any repairs you can book your Kart in to our workshop.† We are also agents for Pulse Tuning so talk to Glenn regarding all your engine requirements.

So load up your Kart, your helmet and some tools and bring some family and friends for an enjoyable and exciting day at the track.

Owner Driver - Rates

Monday†††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† †††† $50.00

Tuesday††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† †††††††††† †††† CLOSED

Wednesday to Sunday†††††† †††††††††† ††††††† $50.00


Wed to Sat Evening††† 6pm - 10pm†††††††† $40.00†††††††††

Silhouette Karts charge a flat rate per kart per day.† All persons on premises including Kart owner must sign a public liability form which also covers them to drive the Kart.

*† No charge for extra drivers.

Owner Driver - Requirements.

The following requirements have been put in place to allow all owner-drivers to use our track in a fun and safe environment.† If you have any queries regarding these requirements please contact a Silhouette staff member.

Driver Requirements

7-10 years old - Midget/Rookie kart with Comer S60, Restricted Yamaha KT100J or Vortex Minirok.

10-13 years old - Junior/Senior kart with Comer S60, Yamaha KT100J, Vortex Minirok or Restricted Iame KA100.

13-15 years old - Junior/Senior kart with Comer S60, Yamaha KT100J, Yamaha KT100S, ARC Spec 100 or Iame KA100.

16 years & above - Max. 125cc non-gearbox engine (clutches allowed).

All drivers must fit the Kart properly.

Must have own full-face Australian Standards approved helmet & must be worn at all times & securely fastened.

Full length protective clothing (armís & legís must be covered) & Gloves.

No loose clothing and long hair must be secured inside helmet/clothing.

Fully enclosed shoes (no thongs or sandals).

Bring your own tools as tools will not be loaned by Silhouette Karts.

Pit Crew Requirements

All Pit Crew must also sign a public liability form.

Hi-Vis clothing required to be worn by pit crew when entering the track area during night time.

Kart Requirements

Sprint Racing Kart (single engine) with side pods & nose cone.

Max. 125cc non-gearbox engine (clutches allowed).

Exhaust Muffler/Silencer to be fitted at all times.

Number to be displayed on front of Kart.


Biland SA250 & Shifter/Gearbox Engined Karts Not Allowed.

No Alcohol to be consumed on the premises at any time.

Anyone speeding or driving in a dangerous manner in the carpark

††† will be permanently banned from our premises

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