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Silhouette Race Karts are agents for Pulse Tuning. 

Glenn Riddell of Pulse Tuning has over 20 years experience tuning and developing kart engines.

His perfectionist approach and attention to detail ensure all Pulse Tuned engines extract the most performance possible with upmost reliability.  All engine work is performed by Glenn in-house from the initial assessment and strip-down, machining, boring & honing to final assembly.

We also understand that once the engine leaves the Pulse Tuning workshop the work continues as we also provide ongoing setup and advice to ensure our driver’s get the most performance possible where it matters - on the track!

Pulse Tuning specializes in engines from vintage through to the latest generation race engines so no matter what your engine requirements we’ve got you covered.

Pulse Tuning is located within our premises at Silhouette Raceway so come in and talk directly to Glenn for all your engine needs.

For more information go to www.pulsetuning.com.au

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